CB 101

Born a racer, Christian Bird has been behind the wheel of something with four-wheels nearly his entire life. Beginning in karting and progression up the ladder, Bird has been seen competing in formula cars, legend cars and late models in sprint, asphalt and dirt oval racing. His passion for motorsports grew throughout the teenage years as Christian stepped away from driving duties and into the business side of racing.

When Christian was 15-years of age, he was signed by NASCAR Driver Development program, Team Full Throttle. Competing in the shifter kart ranks with tremendous ability, Bird graduated to the U.S. Legends Car scene in 2010 before shifting his focus to the business of racing. Getting behind the wheel on occasion and racing every opportunity he gets, Christian Bird is a natural talent with supreme abilities to take the vehicle he is piloting to the front of the field.

As a current instructor at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and the owner of Christian Bird Motorsports, the Colorado resident is looking after the future of the sport as he helps drivers gain experience and knowledge both on and off the track.

CB In-Depth

Name: Christian Bird
Date of Birth: Oct 03, 1993
Birthplace: Denver, CO
Residence: Grand Junction, CO
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160 lbs
Parents: Bill & Meredith
Siblings: Younger sister Katherine
Hobbies: Working out, skiing, cycling
Personal Goals: Become a better person each day and enjoy life

Years Racing: 17
Racing Goals: Make a living driving racecars
Race you would like to win the most: SKSUA Supernationals and the Chili Bowl
Favorite Part of Racing: The preparation turning into success on the track
Biggest Rival: Myself, always pushing to be better
Favorite Vehicle: Whatever racecar I’m driving, or my truck
Favorite Movie: On any Sunday
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Dessert: Any type of chocolate
Favorite Drivers: Jeff Gordon, Kimi Raikkonen, Jesse Nelson

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